Modeling Human-Climate Interactions

I develop models to understand how past and present changes in climatic regimes impacted the resilience of human subsistence regimes. Past research projects based on modeling include using ecological niche modeling to understand the spread of agriculture to Southwest China, the Tibetan Plateau and Eastern China. With Jerry Mitrovica, I have also carried out work aimed at examining how sea-level rise during Meltwater Pulse 1A impacted foragers in coastal China.
R Graphics Output

Jade d’Alpoim Guedes, Sturt Manning, R. Kyle Bocinsky (2016) A 5500 year model of changing crop niches on the Tibetan Plateau. Current A
57(4): tbd.

Jade d’Alpoim Guedes, Jacqueline Austermann, Jerry Mitrovica (2016) Changing Sea Level during Meltwater Pulse 1A and lost foraging opportunities for East Asian Hunter-Gatherers Geoarchaeology doi 10.1002/gea.21542

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Jade d’Alpoim Guedes & Ethan Butler (2014) Modeling Constraints on the Spread of Agriculture to Southwest China with Thermal Niche Models. Quaternary International 349 (2): 29-41.
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