Our laboratory is currently carrying out analysis on archaeobotanical remains from a wide variety of sites across Asia including China, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and Pakistan. Along with Steven Weber,  we are carrying out an analysis of material from several seasons of excavation from the site of Indus valley sites of Harappa and Balakot and several sites in Thailand: Promthin Tai, Nil Kham Haeng, Non PaWai, Non Mak Kla. Other current  laboratory projects include analysis of desiccated material from Mustang, Nepal and from Northwest and Southwest China. Student research in the lab is global in scope and ranges from Asia to North, South and Central America.


Sites at which our laboratory has conducted research across Asia. 

Previous Research:

A key focus of our lab’s research is understanding the circumstances under which agriculture spread and adapted to the Tibetan Plateau. Previous lab work included analysis of collections from the Chengdu Plain, Central China, Yunnan, and a series of sites in Tibet: Changdu Karuo, Ding-Dun and Kyung-lung Mesa and Ashaonao.

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Another key focus of research in the lab has been on understanding the spread of agriculture to Southwest China (Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces) through a combination of the study of macro botanical remains and computational modeling.

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